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World News

The October issue of ETO is available to read online now and in this issue we speak to a selection of UK firms in order to discover how the pleasure products sector ‘high season’ is likely to be impacted by global supply chain problems.... View More>>
Hey there you guys, we are very aware on how the global affair is affecting all of us and, we have to admit, it is pretty terrifying! No matter where you are or how healthy you are, we want you all to stay safe, stay put and pay close attention to some of... View More>>
A team of top Chinese doctors landed in Rome last night as part of China's effort to help Italy tackle the country's escalating Coronavirus outbreak. The nine experts, led by the vice-president of the Chinese Red Cross, Yang Huichuan, and Liang Zongan, a... View More>>
Major outbreaks of the new coronavirus have suddenly been detected in both Italy and Iran in the past few days. Meanwhile, cases in South Korea have surged making it one of the worst-affected countries.Global cases of the virus have passed 80,000, the vas... View More>>
Conservation photographer Jennifer Warner visited the Children’s Pool in La Jolla, California on Tuesday in order to photograph the pupping harbor seals that have taken up residence on the beach. She soon noticed some juvenile gulls chasing each another a... View More>>
South Korea says the number of new coronavirus cases in the country has more than doubled in one day. Officials said on Saturday that 229 new cases had been confirmed since Friday, raising the total to 433. In a televised address, Prime Minister Chung S... View More>>
A never-before-seen virus detected in the Chinese city of Wuhan has claimed more than 50 lives and infected almost 2,000 Chinese citizens with a pneumonia-like illness, according to China's National Health Commission. The virus was first reported to the W... View More>>
Japan is the weird and wonderful country where it often seems like anything goes in terms of entertainment and pop culture. It’s a whole other world and I love it, especially when I hear about things like Kanamara Matsuri, the annual festival held every s... View More>>
A medical tattooist who draws nipples on women who have lost them due to mastectomies, says she’s being blocked on social media after her work is being mistaken for pornography.... View More>>
A SHOCKED neighbour got more than he bargained for when he opened a parcel delivered by mistake - and found a 14-inch sex toy. Cody Wanamaker, 27, had a very big surprise when he inadvertently opened the bulky package without checking the address first.... View More>>
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